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Every day, NexTalk helps millions of people and leading organizations build a more inclusive society
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NexTalk’s communication software provides a secure, private and ADA compliant solution.

NexTalk is dedicated to providing intuitive,
effective communication solutions.

Using an intuitive, patented software-based solution, NexTalk provides communication solutions 
and software for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. These innovative software solutions include:
Access Contact 
Access Remote
Access Office™
with SpeechPath™

NextTalk’s Access Contact Center is completely private, secure, and compliant with federal ADA regulations. There are no third-party interpreters, ensuring that your communications stay between you and those you want to directly communicate with.

Our Remoting Interpreting service is the most comprehensive and complete in-person communication platform for the deaf, hard of hearing, and non-English speakers. Our software demonstrates your firm’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, allowing you to instantly communicate with all your customers while remaining compliant with federal ADA regulations.

NexTalk’s Access Office software demonstrates your firm’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, allowing you to instantly communicate with your deaf and hard-of-hearing customers while remaining compliant with federal ADA requirements.

NexTalk is dedicated to ensuring
everyone is part of the conversation.

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We specialize in speech-to-text computer software for individuals with hearing loss. To find out about any of our excellent, industry-leading services that allow connections with the deaf, hard-of-hearing individuals, and non-English speaking people, simply contact our team at your convenience. We also offer services to call centers and others who regularly need interpretive or other translation services. Speak to our pros to learn more.
TTY call-management solution

The most trusted Real-Time-Text and 
TTY call-management solution

Our computer software for the hard of hearing integrates seamlessly with existing office or call center equipment, putting you in touch with your clients or customers immediately. Access requires minimal training and minor adjustments to current call flow operations; your customers will only notice the improvement to your service.

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What Our 
Customers Are 

“Access Remote Interpreting from NexTalk has allowed us to communicate directly with all of our patients. We no longer need to schedule and wait for an in-person interpreter. All we need to do is open the Access Remote Interpreting application and select what language we need. It’s that simple. NexTalk affords us peace of mind, knowing we can communicate with everyone.”
Brittany Sullivan, BASc, RT(R)
OPS Manager of New Development
ConvenientMD Urgent Care
“SpeechPath has given me the ability to more accurately understand the people I work with. It improves my ability to communicate.”
Pattie Pearce – State of Nevada DETR

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