ACCESS Video Options Page

This is the ACCESS Video Options page

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When this page is opened, the software will automatically connect with the camera and display a picture.

The user would type in the phone number (or the ACCESS User Name) of the person they are calling in the “Call” field...

Then select which type of video call they want to make.

  • VP - is a video phone call between two ACCESS users (future updates will give you the ability to connect to video phones from other providers as well)
  • VRS - is a Video Relay Call (the initial offering uses Global VRS for all relay calls, future updates will allow users to choose from a variety of VRS providers)
  • VRI - is a Video Remote Interpreting Call.  This is used when you need an ASL interpreter to provide interpreting between a deaf person and a hearing person who is with the deaf person

Options include muting the video and audio (camera and microphone icons next to the “Call” field), looking up contacts in the users phone book and viewing recent/missed calls

TTY Software and Video Remote Interpreting Software from NexTalk
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