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It’s important to research a company before deciding to work with them, but one of the best indicators of performance is a company’s client list. Among NexTalk’s clients are large companies, organizations and municipalities that want the best software available for the deaf and hard of hearing.

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ADA Compliance
While the Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that state and local governments, public services companies and privately run companies with 15 or more employees make accommodations for communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing, many companies and organizations use our hearing-impaired software for computers in order to better serve their customers.

According to the National Institutes of Health, about 15% of Americans are deaf or hard of hearing — almost 50 million people.
Improving Service to Clients
Among our clients are AmeriHealth, Microsoft and Discover. AmeriHealth serves more than 265,000 customers; Discover has 50 million cardholders and Microsoft has 75 million customers. As large companies with a goal of serving all clients equally, each chose our computer software for the hearing impaired.

They prize not only the convenience of our software, but also how secure and private it is. It’s important when your customer’s calls about health care, finances or other private matters are being translated or interpreted that no one else can gain access to this information.

Security and privacy are also critical when dealing with student matters at public schools and universities. Our computer software for hearing-impaired students makes communication easy and safe.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service is also one of our clients. While they are mandated to provide adequate communication services to the deaf and hard of hearing since they are a government agency, they could have chosen another company to provide this service. But they chose NexTalk, because of our reputation for excellence.

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NexTalk’s International Clients
Other governmental bodies that use our software for the deaf and hard of hearing include the province of Ontario, Canada, and Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Our software is particularly useful in the Canadian capital, since both English and French are the official languages of Canada. Therefore, we provide both English and French versions, and our services include audio and video remote interpreting not only for the deaf, but for speakers of languages other than English.

NexTalk’s services for speakers of other languages are especially prized by the city of Ottawa and others because interpreting services are provided in real time. Interpreters stand by — it is not necessary to make an appointment to set up a phone call with an interpreter.

And while French is a common language in Ottawa, interpreters for more than 200 languages are available, including American Sign Language.

Our Products
Our software for the deaf and hard of hearing is appropriate for homes, offices, schools, governmental bodies and any company or individual that wants to communicate better, faster, more effectively, privately, and securely. Take advantage of our speech-to-text software for the hearing impaired, TTY deaf communication tools, and audio (including over-the-phone) and video remote interpreting for the deaf and speakers of languages other than English.

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