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Access Contact Center

NexTalk’s Access Contact Center software demonstrates your firm’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, allowing you to instantly and privately communicate with your deaf and hard-of-hearing customers while remaining compliant with federal ADA requirements.

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We enable you to include everyone in the conversation.

It’s simple. When one of the nearly 48 million who are deaf or hard of hearing call you, our special software then validates the call and instantly routes it to an agent. The call is private and secure with no middleman.

Once that call is validated, the TTY call instantly pops up on your agent’s computer. Your deaf or hard of hearing customer and your staff are now communicating directly via chat. Communicating with all customers in a private, secure manner is solved, you are ADA compliant, and your customers are happy.

Our Access Contact Center Software offers:

Benefits to your business:

Secure & private communication that eliminates the middlemen traditionally needed to reach your deaf and hard of hearing customers
A platform that demonstrates your inclusivity as a company
An opportunity to ensure that you and your company are accessible to everyone

Software Features:

Group calling
two contacts
Assign managers as administrators
Monitor real-time chats
Create groups based on departments to easily transfer calls to specialists
Allow admins to enter and engage in chats at anytime
Create pre-written “answering machine” message for when calls come through after business hours or on holidays
Ability to transfer calls to other departments or escalate them to a manager
Unique call validation technology to ensure calls are actually from a deaf or hard of hearing individual.
Check log-in records to see which employees have logged in
Pre-written messages to common concerns and frequently asked questions to save time and standardize responses
Allow staff to mark themselves as unavailable

The Full Policy

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires you to provide means of effective communication to those with hearing disabilities. NexTalk’s Access keeps you compliant with ADA requirements.

The ADA requires that title II entities (State and local governments) and title III entities (businesses and nonprofit organizations theat serve the public) communicate effectively with people who have commnunication disabilities. The goal is to ensure that communication with people with these disabilities is equally effective as communication with people without disabilities.

How it Works

As an inclusive, forward-thinking company, you want to ensure you are accessible to all customers. We have the technology that will allow you to do it.

There are 48 million Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing. These are important customers with real needs that need to be met. You can easily & securely while remaining compliant with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act.
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Deaf and hard-of-hearing customers call you by simply entering your NexTalk designated, or existing, TTY Number into their TTY device. Our special software then validates that call to ensure that it is in fact someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, and not someone just trying to get through to a live person faster.

After validating that it is a TTY call. We route it to your company’s representative in a unique manner. We place a voice call on behalf of the deaf individual and route that to your agent. We ask the agent to accept an incoming TTY call. Once they accept a chatbox immediately connects your deaf or hard of hearing customer and your agents. The problem of ensuring inclusivity and communication with all of your clients is solved, you’re ADA compliant, your customers are happy, and you’re doing business. Plus, the call is private and secure with no middleman.

NexTalk is dedicated to providing intuitive, 
effective communication solutions.

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